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The UK’s exclusive Pacojet importer

A unique food processor that transforms fresh ingredients into exquisite, ready-to-serve mousses, sauces, sorbets & ice cream by processing them from frozen state, without thawing.

Pacojet range


These revolutionary bags are a porous filter manufactured in an inert, flexible and heat-resistant material.They are suitable for cooking and adapt perfectly to different containers.

Superbag range


Heavy duty, state-of-the-art commercial drink & ice portioning mixers and food blenders. Vita-Prep3 purees and blends quicker and smoother than any food processor making it ideal for the commercial kitchen.

VitaPrep range

Popular products

  • Vita-Prep 3

    Vita-Prep 3


    £834.00 inc. VAT

  • Bamix Gastro Immersion Blender 350W

    Bamix Gastro Immersion Blender 350W


    £235.20 inc. VAT

  • Superbag 2 litre - 100 microns

    Superbag 2 litre - 100 microns


    £21.60 inc. VAT