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  • Pacojet


    Pacojet is a unique food processor that transforms fresh ingredients into ready-to-serve sorbets and ice cream by processing them from frozen state, without thawing. Chef Tools is the exclusive importer for Pacojet in the UK.


  • Robot Cook-Cutter Blender

    Robot Cook-Cutter Blender

  • VitaPrep Blenders

    VitaPrep Blenders

    Heavy duty, state-of-the-art commercial drink & ice portioning mixers and food blenders. Vita-Prep3 purees and blends quicker and smoother than any food processor making it ideal for the commercial kitchen.
  • Bamix Gastro Immersion Blenders

    Bamix Gastro Immersion Blenders

  • Truffle Slicer

    Truffle Slicer

  • Quenelle Spoons

    Quenelle Spoons

    Designed by a pastry chef for chefs These spoons are designed to give you a perfect quenelle shape, pointed at the tip and a more rounded base.
  • Clifton Sous Vide Water Baths

    Clifton Sous Vide Water Baths

    Clifton Immersion Circulator. Clifton Stirred and Unstirred Digital Water Baths. Compact Water Baths. Unstirred Digital Duobaths.
  • Clifton Sauce Bottlewarmers

    Clifton Sauce Bottlewarmers

    The Clifton Bottlewarmer is designed to keep sauces, gels, liquids, purées warm for dressing plates. Ideal for busy and fast working kitchens.
  • Culinary Centrifuges

    Culinary Centrifuges

    PrO-Xtract5 and PrO-Xtract3 Centrifuges for fast clarification, extraction, and separation of foods & liquids based on density
  • Dehydrators


    Food dehydration with gentle heat intensifies natural flavours and preserves the goodness in food that you want to store.
  • Gastrovac Vacuum Cooking

    Gastrovac Vacuum Cooking

    Gastrovac is a compact appliance for cooking, frying and impregnating in a vacuum. By creating an artificial low pressure, oxygen-free atmosphere, the Gastrovac considerably reduces cooking and frying temperatures, maintaining the texture, colour and nutrients of the food.
  • iSi Whippers

    iSi Whippers

    For the preparation of pure whipped cream, flavored cream & delicious desserts. Yields up to twice the amount of whipped cream in comparison with other whipping methods. Designed for the professional use.
  • Juicers


    Centrifugal Juice Extractors
  • Kitchen Scales

    Kitchen Scales

  • Kuhn Rikon Pressure Cookers

    Kuhn Rikon Pressure Cookers

    The standard of pressure cooking safety worldwide. Duromatic's automated lid-locking system and multiple safety release back-up systems give you ultimate peace of mind.
  • Superbags


    These revolutionary bags are a porous filter manufactured in an inert, flexible and heat-resistant material.They are suitable for cooking and adapt perfectly to different containers.
  • Tasting Spoons, Sushi and Micro Tweezers

    Tasting Spoons, Sushi and Micro Tweezers

    Tasting Spoons, Sushi and Micro Tweezers
  • Vacuum Packers

    Vacuum Packers

    Compact table top Vac pack machine. Ideal for vacuum sealing meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and foods with high liquid content.